Andrew Ginger (University of Bristol), ‘Pi I Margall’s Prophecy: Universalism and the Vernacular Revival’

In his celebrated 1877 work, one of the great founder figures of Spanish federalism, Pi i Margall asserted that the regional range of languages and
cultures in Spain were undergoing an increasing revival. He saw this as
indicative of the real, and healthy, direction of civilisation as a whole,
and of the need for societies and cultures to be driven by activity from
below. But while in a sense presenting us with a prophecy of vernacular
revival, Pi i Margall’s work also offers a challenge. He denies both that
local cultures are marked apart from others by isolating characteristics
(like language, ethnicity, natural boundaries, common history), and that
universal aspirations of humanity are at odds with the radical autonomy of
such local cultures. This has significant implications for how he
understands the importance of ‘dwelling’ as the basis for vernacular


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