David Jackson (University of Leeds)

David Jackson researches chiefly in the fields of nineteenth century Nordic, Russian and European art with a concern for the formation of national and international identities, critical and national forms of realism, and with a specialism for exhibition curatorship. He is the author of The Russian Vision: the Art of Ilya Repin (BAI, 2006; Antique Collectors’ Club 2014) and The Wanderers and critical realism in nineteenth century Russian painting (MUP, 2006; 2011). His exhibitions include Russian Landscape (Groninger Museum, Holland and the National Gallery, London 2003–2004); Akseli Gallen-Kallela(1865-1931), the Spirit of Finland (2006-2007) and Russian Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales (2007-2008) for the Groninger Museum;Christen Købke: Danish Master of Light (National Gallery, London and National Gallery of Scotland 2010); The Peredvizhniki. Pioneers of Russian painting (Stockholm, Nationalmuseum 2011-12); Nordic Art: The Modern Breakthrough (Groninger Museum and Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, Munich 2012-13).  He has contributed to Illusions of Reality. Naturalist painting, photography, theatre and cinema 1875-1918 (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam and Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki 2010-11); P C Skovgaard – The Danish Golden Age Re-evaluated (Fuglsang Kunstmuseum and Skovgaard Museet (2010-11); In Front of Nature. The European Landscapes of Thomas Fearnley(Barber Institute of Fine Arts 2012). He is currently working with the Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden, on an exhibition of their Russian collection for late 2014.

Keywords: Russia, Scandinavia, Nordic, Realism, Nationalism, Internationalism
Contact: d.jackson@leeds.ac.uk
Web: http://www.fine-art.leeds.ac.uk/people/david-jackson/

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