Dorothy Price (formerly Rowe) (University of Bristol)

Dorothy Price’s research is focused on two distinct areas, German modernism and diasporic art in Britain since 1945. Published research in both these areas that has particular concerns with transnationalism and cultural exchange includes an article on the Jewish impressionist painter, Lesser Ury who was structured in the critical discourses of German modernism as being unique in his ability to represent Berlin’s modernity as a Weltstadt due to his ‘cosmopolitan’ status as Jewish outsider. Her article interrogates the nature of this positioning of Jewish artists within the discourses of German modernism. Subsequent work has focused on Lotte Laserstein and her status as ‘new woman’ in 1920s Germany and her subsequent enforced exile to Sweden. Most recently she has been working on the transnational impacts of exile and reception of German women artists and photographers and their work from the 1920s and 1930s. She is also interested in transnational artists working in contemporary Britain. She is currently research lead for the Transnational Modernisms Research cluster at in the University of Bristol’s History of Art department (

Keywords: German modernism, transnational visual cultures, modern women artists, German Expressionism, New Obejctivity, Black British art

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