ICE Events

‘Internationalism and the Arts: Anglo-European Cultural Exchange at the Fin de Siècle

Clare Hall, Cambridge, 4–6 July 2006

‘Exploring Art History and Internationalism’

York Centre for Modern Studies/Department of History of Art, University of York, 30 January 2009

‘Crossings and Transgressions: Exploring Internationalism and Interdisciplinarity, 1870–1920’

University of Bristol,  9 July 2009


‘Sites of Internationalism at the Fin de Siècle’

Hosted by the Transational History Research Group, Northumbria University,  9 September 2010


‘“The device of bringing them all together”: international and imperial exhibitions, 1851-1924′

Manton Studio, Tate Britain, 22 June 2012


‘The vernacular revival and the universal language of visual form’

Institute of Art History, The Jagiellonian University, Krakow, 17 September 2012


‘Music and the myth of intelligibility’

University of Oxford, 17 May 2013


‘Internationalism and the Arts: Imagining the Cosmopolis at the long fin de siècle’

Clore Auditorium, Tate Britain, 5 September 2013


‘Nordic Cosmopolitans’

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark, 8 January 2014,


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