‘Sites of Internationalism at the Fin de Siècle’

Hosted by the Transational History Research Group, Northumbria University, 10 am, 9 September 2010

This one-day interdisciplinary workshop on the subject of ‘Sites of Internationalism at the Fin de Siècle: Between Metropolis and Cosmopolis’ focused on fin-de-siècle ideas about metropolitan centres, imagined world capitals and the connections between recreational locations and international cultural exchange.

This conference was convened by Daniel Laqua.


10: 45:    Welcome
  • Don MacRaild (Associate Dean for Research, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Northumbria)
  • Grace Brockington (Lecturer, History of Art, Bristol University)
  • Daniel Laqua (Lecturer, History, Northumbria University)
11:00:    London – Nationalism, Imperialism, Cosmopolitanism? chaired by Cheryl Buckley (Professor, Design History, Northumbria University)
  • Sarah Victoria Turner (Lecturer, History of Art, York University): Island nation, imperial city: London, art and empire c. 1890-1914
  • Andrew Stephenson (Subject Director for Visual Theories, University of East London): Reconfiguring artistic identity in the metropolis: London referencing and cosmopolitanism in the paintings of Walter Sickert and the Camden Town Group, c. 1905-1914
12.10:    Lunch Break
13:10:    Transnational Exchange and the Modern City, chaired by Tim Kirk (Professor and Head of School, Historical Studies, Newcastle University)
  • Charlotte Ashby (Lecturer, History of Art, Birkbeck College, University of London): The Finnish townscape, internationalism and visions of a modern city
  • Elizabeth Kramer (Senior Lecturer, Design History, Northumbria University): The bowler hat and the kimono: constructing a modern city through visual culture
  • Stefan Couperus (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, History, University of Utrecht): Beer nomads, Toynbee work and statistics: the transnational outlooks that shaped Amsterdam’s political culture at the fin de siècle
14.50: Coffee Break
15:05:    Cosmopolitan Visions, chaired by Jason Harding (Reader, English Studies, Durham University)
  • Charlotte Alston (Senior Lecturer, History, Northumbria University): The international Tolstoyan movement, 1880-1910: an imagined cosmopolis?
  • Simon J. James (Senior Lecturer, English Studies, Durham University): Education and catastrophe: H.G. Wells, history and the world state
  • Wouter van Acker (Doctoral Candidate, Architecture, Ghent University): Designing a ‘world capital city’ in the Belle Époque: the cases of Paul Otlet and Pieter Eijkman
16:45:    Coffee break
17:00:    Leisure and the Sites of Internationalism, chaired by Vike Plock (Lecturer, English Literature, Exeter University)
  • Geoff Hare (Senior Research Fellow, French Studies, Newcastle University): James Gordon Bennett Junior and the development of sporting competitions as sites of internationalism
  • Jill Steward (Visiting Fellow, Northumbria University): The ambiguities of the Vienna Café: place, image and cultural exchange at the fin-de-siècle
  • Malcolm Gee (Principal Lecturer, Arts, Northumbria University): Legend and reality of the Café du Dôme: Montparnasse as focus of international exchange and artistic innovation before the First World War.
19.00:    Reception at Gallery North, Northumbria University: opening of Postgraduate Showcase

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